Danville Property Management Services

Managing residential single-family homes, townhomes, & condos.

  • We’re a responsive and accessible Danville CA property management service, with availability 24 hours a day,7 days a week.
  • Our technology makes the management of your home efficient & cost-effective.
  • Vendor relationships keep your maintenance costs down.
  • High-quality screening and leasing places the best possible tenants.

10 Reasons to Work with Stowers Real Estate

1. Reputation: Our reputation for service excellence is the number one reason our clients choose us. Please visit our YELP reviews, Google reviews, and the testimonials on our website. You will see that we have an excellent reputation for providing the very highest level of service in our market.

2. We have a network of both relocation and insurance companies that allow us to provide our clients with the highest quality tenants at the highest rents in our market. Our network of relocation agents represent some of the largest corporations in the area and provide us excellent tenants. Our network of insurance companies come to us for housing and consistently offer our clients rents that are well ahead of current market value.

3. We have a dedicated full-time staff, of one real estate broker, one real estate sales agent in Danville CA, one property manager, three operations assistants, and two full-time handymen.

4. Our secure online portal is a 24/7 access point to:

a. View account details in “real time.”
b. Access statements, maintenance work orders, bills and other documents.
c. Initiate online conversations.

5. We are open seven days a week in order to service our available rentals with private showings to prospective tenants. We are available 24/7 for any emergency situation that may arise.

6. We utilize the latest technology to market and manage our clients’ properties. We offer professional photography, virtual tours, creative property marketing, detailed financial reporting and peace of mind.

7. We maintain relationships with reliable, reasonable, licensed and insured vendors to assist with both routine maintenance and emergency maintenance situations.

8. We provide our clients with a comprehensive real estate solution by also offering real estate sales in Danville CA. This saves our clients time and provides them with the convenience of working with a company they already trust. Our clients
also receive discounts on the commissions we charge to sell their homes and we offer them credits when we assist them with purchasing homes.

9. We are a small property management firm and while we plan to grow we want to remain a smaller company that can maintain the personal level of service our clients have come to appreciate. We believe that we can provide
our clients with a higher sense of urgency and responsiveness than many of our larger competitors and this has been and will continue to be a foundation of our success.

10. Mortgage Financing. We have a network of mortgage professionals to assist our clients with new purchases or refinancing.

Leasing & Rental Management in Danville CA

To ensure a successful and pleasant rental experience for all parties, you need a great tenant who pays on time, preventative maintenance that protects the condition of your home, routine legal compliance, and detailed lease enforcement. We lease your home, manage your tenant, and maintain your property efficiently and with little stress for you.

A beautiful image of house with lights on taken in the evening and swimming pool on the side of the house

Leasing and Rental Management in Danville CA

Marketing and Leasing your Rental Home

Our experience in the local rental market allows us to put together a strategic advertising plan that attracts a large pool of potential tenants. We utilize all of our technologically advanced tools and resources to create engaging listings and respond to tenants who may have questions. We make it easy for tenants to schedule showings, fill out applications, and sign leases. When you’re renting out a property in Danville, Alamo, San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, Lafayette, Moraga, or Orinda, Stowers Real Estate is your best chance for leasing it quickly.

We’ll get your home rented whether it’s Danville, Alamo, San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, Lafayette, Moraga, or Orinda.

With over a decade of experience in leasing, we’ll keep your vacancy costs down and execute legally compliant leases will well-screened tenants.

Other benefits include:

  • Rental listings on the MLS.

  • Accurate, effective, and competitive rental pricing.

  • Lease negotiation and signing.

  • Collection of security deposits and move-in funds.

Maintaining and Inspecting Your Investment

At Stowers Real Estate, we know that protecting the condition of your investment is one of our most serious responsibilities. Luckily, we’re good at it. Through preventative maintenance, immediate responses to repair needs, and an outstanding network of highly qualified and competitively priced vendors and contractors, we take care of your home and we increase the value of your asset. Our routine inspections ensure there isn’t any unreported maintenance lurking under the sinks or in the basements, and we’re attentive to the needs of your tenants.
Although, Danville is our homebase, we also manage properties in Alamo, San Ramon, Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin, Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda.
What makes our maintenance plans different?

  • We are proactive. We know problems don’t get cheaper or easier.
  • Tenants can make maintenance requests online, documenting what we do.
  • Move-in and move-out inspections provide detailed condition reports.
  • We respond to maintenance emergencies 24 hours a day.

Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Tracking your income and expenses can be a headache, and that’s why we’re here to reduce your stress and increase our transparency. We provide you with detailed and accurate reports every month that reflect the performance of your investment. We also handle the 1099s at tax time, and create easy-to-read year-end statements.

Our full service Danville property management services include accounting that helps:

  • Identify rental property tax deductions

  • Measure short-term cash flow and long-term ROI

  • Planning for capital improvements and turnover projects.

Online Portals for Owners and Tenants

We invest in technology because it makes it easier for our owners and tenants to have a peaceful and pleasant rental experience. You’ll have your own online portal where you can view reports and communicate with your management team. Your tenants have a portal as well, which they can use to pay rent, schedule recurring payments, make maintenance requests, and renew their leases. We pride ourselves on providing a personal property management experience which is backed by innovative systems and helpful automation.

Stowers Real Estate uses technology to manage Danville homes better.

  • Secure online rental payments for tenants.
  • Fast electronic rental disbursements to owners.
  • Easy access to reports, statements, and resources.
  • Enhanced communication, with instant messaging and emails.
  • Instant documentation of inspections, maintenance, and accounting.

Danville CA Property Management Fees and Costs

Paying for property management shouldn’t be painful. When you measure the costs charged by different companies, remember that service and value must be compared too. Make sure you’re getting the best experts, the most trusted resources, and the most innovative tools to keep your property profitable and successful. Don’t choose the cheapest company – choose the most responsive company – the one that believes relationships are important. The one that serves you, your tenants, and your community. We are confident that our property management service consistently delivers the highest return on investment in our market.

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Platinum Plan

Lease-Only Plan
Lease Only

Monthly Management 6% of each month’s rent (minimum fee is $175/mo per unit) 9% of each month's rent for Single Family Homes, 10% for Condos, Townhomes and Plexes 12% of each month’s rent
Leasing 75% of one month’s rent
(minimum fee $1,995)
One (1) Month's Rent (minimum fee is $2,495)
Move In, Move Out, Annual, and Rent-Ready Inspections $195 each Move In Inspection Included
Lease Renewals/Extensions 15% of one month’s rent 10% of one month’s rent
Project Management Services—Repairs or Improvements over $500 10% of invoices 10% of invoices
Lease Agreements, Addendums & Disclosures Included
Rent Collection + Payments to Owner
Bill Payments
24-Hour Owner Portal Access
Access to over 100 Financial Reports
24-Hour Emergency On-Call Services
Ongoing Maintenance Supervision—Repairs under $500 each
Security Deposit Disposition
Professional Photography + Virtual Tours Included
Marketing to 50+ Websites Included
Property Showings/Open Houses Included
Tenant Screening Tenant and Pet Screening Included
1Pet Guarantee - Up to $2,500
2Eviction Guarantee - Up to $2,500


*Pet and Eviction Guarantees are only valid when tenants’ selection occurred under SRE management.

Ready to start today?
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Make Ready Guidelines

Potential renters are attracted to properties that are detail cleaned and will accommodate their furnishings and style. Find out how you can give an impression that the owner maintains the property. Check out our Make Ready Guidelines:

Stower Make Ready Guidelines

What Types of Properties Do We Manage in Danville?


Managing Single-Family Homes

We work with single-family homes in neighborhoods throughout Danville, Moraga, Livermore, and the surrounding areas. We look for tenants who want to rent a property for the long term and take good care of it from year to year.


Managing Condos and Townhomes

Whether you have a townhouse or a condo for rent, we can place great tenants, stay on top of maintenance, and when necessary, work with community associations like HOAs or condo associations. We will familiarize ourselves with the rules and hold the tenants accountable to them.

A beautiful image taken from a balcony decorated with sofas

Overview of Danville

Danville is one part of the San Ramon Valley and the sprawling, gorgeous part of Contra Costa. We like to call ourselves a town rather than a city, and we believe in a high quality of life and a constant march towards improvement. Whether you’re an investor who may want to buy here or an owner who has been here for decades – let’s talk about what we love and what we wish was different when it comes to Danville and its neighbors.

What Is it Like to Have Stowers Real Estate Manage Your Rental Property?

When you partner with Stowers Real Estate, you invest in your own financial future. Our system of residential management helps owners like you to earn more and spend less on their properties. We have a reputation for service, efficiency, and professionalism. We are experts in property management and leaders in the Danville market.

You can expect high quality management, immediate responses, and a personalized approach to the management of your rental home. We know that not all properties are the same – nor are all investors. We’ll put together a customized plan that’s based on our experience, our talents, and your needs.

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We are proud to serve the East Bay area and all of its owners, tenants, and investors. We offer the benefit of using one professional and experienced team to handle everything from buying to managing to selling. We invest in the people we work with, and we get to know your property and its unique needs. Find us in the area’s most desirable communities.

If you don’t see your area listed, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll see if we can work together.

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with Stowers Real Estate Property Management, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.

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Miao Zhang
Miao Zhang
Stowers makes the process super easy for me and Jody is very resourceful and prefessional. I highly recommend Stowers to anyone who is looking for a real estate management service.
Qiang “Charlie” Zhang
Qiang “Charlie” Zhang
One of the best rent agencies I had before.
Au won
Au won
Had a walk-through inspection after the tenant moved out. There are six permanent stains left on the carpet. Missing two vintage dressers. Three broken plantation shutters. Missing a new 12-foot ladder from the garage. Missing a wall-mounted TV in the master bathroom. Missing one six-foot tall garden shed plus smaller ones from the side of the house. Missing a fireplace screen. Invoiced $180.00 for backyard stone repairs that were never repaired. Invoiced $375.00 for three new window screens that were never ordered Invoiced $219.00 for shampooing carpets. The tenant was also invoiced $219.00 for carpet shampooing. Invoiced $95.00 to retighten a loose screw on a shower plate Invoiced$135.00 for yanking out wires from the home alarm panel due to chirping. Only need to replace a one-dollar battery. Property management policy no need to notify the owners for repairs under $500.00. Management company response is in total denial of missing properties and invoice billings for repairs that were not done. As of today, no compensation for the missing properties, damages, or return of funds for work orders that was not done Sharing an accurate, truthful, and factual account of my negative experiences with this unprofessional property manager
Nick Bricaud
Nick Bricaud
Stowers Real Estate is wonderful to work with and makes the entire process easy! The team is professional, super responsive and timely with any requests. The entire staff is helpful and always friendly. I highly recommend this team to anyone looking for a home. They are a class act!!!
Matthew Kerchner
Matthew Kerchner
tl;dr: Very professional, prompt, and communicative! Read below for more details. From 2022 to 2023 I rented an upscale 1 bedroom condo in downtown San Francisco through Stowers Real Estate. They were not the owners of the unit, but handled every aspect of the rental. I inquired about the rental after finding the listing on Zillow, and received a call back the same day. They make all of the lease information available through their tenant web portal, which is also where you can pay and setup automatic payments. The deposit was reasonable (1 month's rent), and the pet rent was very cheap. (They use a service to help classify your pets - if you have any - and determine a reasonable pet rent/deposit. My one small cat wasn't determined to be a menace to society and I was given the minimum fee.) I was worried about the move-in process because I needed to rent something while I was out of state and unable to travel for tours. Stowers made this a non-issue. They prepared the key and a welcome package for me and gave me detailed instructions for how to access the apartment and my included parking space in the garage. There was a minor issue with the bed that I found upon moving in, but they had a repairman out the next morning to fix it and ensure I was satisfied. My unit was furnished and beautiful. I didn't encounter any major issues during my stay with the unit itself or the furnishings. I had a bit of a scare with the dishwasher not seeming to drain at one point, but Stowers responded to my inquiry immediately. The problem ended up resolving itself without any intervention needed, but I was happy that they jumped on the problem and were willing to send out a technician without any hassle. I was so happy that I was planning to stay another year. Unfortunately, the unit's owners needed to take it off of the market. I received a call from Stowers explaining the situation, during which they were very apologetic and willing to discuss possible move-out scenarios with me. I told them that I would probably need two months to find a new place and move out and didn't get any push back from Jody. I kept in touch with their team during my search for a new place and they were very flexible when I ran into scheduling issues that delayed my move-out. My cat turned out to not be such an upstanding citizen after all and damaged two pieces of furniture. I was upfront about this and the Stowers team noted both pieces during their move-out inspection. The charges were added to my account in the tenant portal and about 5 minutes later I received a call to explain what the charges were for as well as to ask if I had any questions about them or wished to dispute any of them. After a pretty calm discussion about the items needing repair, they agreed to remove one of the smaller charges and we settled on a fairly reasonable cleaning fee and repair fee. Overall, this was my BEST leasing experience in the city since moving to SF in 2016. I was heartbroken to have to move out, but I would absolutely rent through Stowers Real Estate again.
Sarah Romeo
Sarah Romeo
As first time home buyers, we could not have asked for a better experience than working with Jody and his team! Jody has an exceptional understanding of current market conditions and takes the time to thoughtfully explain every step of a typically stressful process. The entire team was very responsive and always quick to answer our many questions. We were able to close on an amazing Pleasanton house thanks to Jody! I would recommend Stowers Real Estate team to anyone looking to buy or sell - you will be in excellent hands.
Ian Arcellana
Ian Arcellana
Stowers Real Estate has been fantastic! Their team is very responsive through any form of communication and punctual for in-person / zoom meetings. As first time homebuyers, Jody was able to provide a lot of insight about the Pleasanton / Tri-valley area. Overall, I could not ask for a better experience purchasing our first home and I hope to connect with them again in the future!
Jeff Ramer
Jeff Ramer
The Stowers group managed our property as a rental for a couple years after we moved out of state. Jody's team did a great job managing the rental operations and keeping up on the required maintenance on the property. Recently we decided to sell the property, and that whole process proceeded without issues as well. We are completely satisfied with Jody's group and all the interactions we had with them.
Michele Krause
Michele Krause
Very easy sign up of the lease with them, all digital files easy to access, very friendly business! Always stays on top of any maintenance requests as well. All in all a great experience renting a property with them.
Brooke Hulsey
Brooke Hulsey
I've been a tenant for over 4 years and their office is always wonderful to work with. Responsive and helpful with whatever questions or needs I may have.


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