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Stowers Real Estate is a full-service property management company on a mission to become a top company choice for residential property management in Orinda, California. We have provided comprehensive services to our clients by applying our values of integrity and honesty. As a property owner working with us, we ensure that your property is managed well and you secure positive returns from your rental business.

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Comprehensive Screening and Leasing Services

The importance of having good tenants occupying your Orinda rental is unparalleled. Once you entrust your property to us, we ensure that only the most qualified candidates occupy it. We test every applicant interested in occupying your property with our comprehensive tenant screening process. Our team of professionals provides you with the best leasing services that give you low vacancy rates, reduced turnovers and an improved rental experience.


Here is what our tenant screening process includes:

  • Smooth tenant selection
  • Maintenance of properties
  • Thorough background check
  • Multi-step interview process
  • Credit reports, criminal history, eviction history and other verifications
  • Previous landlord check
  • Online rental application
  • Compliance with Fair Housing Laws

Using this, we ensure that you only find the best tenants to occupy your property.

Lease Enforcement and Legal Compliance

Leasing your property to tenants is one of our prime responsibilities as property managers. Once your renter has signed a lease to occupy your property, we ensure strict enforcement. Our staff reviews and explains the lease agreement to both parties and enforces the terms. We also ensure that both parties follow all the mentioned rules to avoid any issues down the line.


Our lease enforcement and legal compliance include the following:

  • Holding both parties accountable
  • Resolving issues
  • Collecting rent
  • Evicting tenants if necessary
  • Observe and reporting negligence In maintenance
  • Monitor your property regularly
  • Conduct periodic inspections of the property
  • Conduct move-in and move-out inspection
  • Administer the security deposit amount

Detailed Accounts and Records

Whether you are a first-time landlord or have inherited your Orinda property, looking after its maintenance can be a costly affair. We at Stowers Real Estate maintain a transparent accounting system that allows you to see all your transactions with minimum effort. You can also use our secure online portals to view your account details in real-time.


We track your income and expenses while you are working with us, and also:

  • Provide you with detailed and accurate monthly reports
  • Statement highlighting your property’s performance
  • Handling of 1099s during taxes
  • Identify rental property tax deductions
  • Create comprehensible year-end statements
  • Measuring short-term cash flow and long-term ROI from rental properties
  • Planning of capital improvements and turnover projects

Additionally, we also collect your rent from tenants and deal with all their issues. You will also receive timely updates about any emergencies or other issues.

Why Purchase a Property in Orinda?

Orinda is a quiet and safe town that offers its residents a sparse suburban feel. The place is great for raising a family due to its amazing public schools. This Oakland suburb is also one of the top places to live in Contra Costa County and has easy access to various modes of travel. The median home value here is much higher than the national average, making it a popular place to live.


Orinda Market Trends

Orinda, CA, has a very competitive housing market, scoring 70 out of 100. The average price of a house in Orinda was $1.65 in Nov 2022, down by 10.8% since 2021. As the market is expected to soar once more in the next five years, now can be a good time to invest in Orinda. The average home is currently selling for about 3% below the listing price and remains on the market for around 28 days. Hot homes, on the other hand, can remain on the market for around 12 days.

Analyze Your Orinda Property

Property valuation is an important step that can help you determine if your rental business or selling decision is profitable. If you want to rent out or sell your property, our experts can help you with that. Stowers Real Estate has years of experience working in the Orinda property market and can help you consider all factors and properly price your home.

With our experience and knowledge of the Orinda real estate market, we ensure that your home is priced correctly. Our experts consider your neighborhood, amenities, square footage and other offerings that may influence your property’s price during the analysis. We also help you list your property on the market only after conducting a thorough property analysis.

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Areas We Serve

We serve a wide range of properties across Contra Costa County. We offer owners like you a standard of professionalism higher than other property management companies. We believe in excellence and making your rental property less expensive and more profitable. Here are the areas we operate across:

How You Can Benefit From Our Services

When you entrust your hard-earned property or inherited Orinda property with us, we ensure that you get the best services in return. Stowers Real Estate is known for providing reliable, high-quality services to our California clients. We ensure you receive all the essential services to manage your property, so you do not have to worry about it again.


Trusted, Value-based Services

Stowers Real Estate is known for its reliability and focus on values throughout the California neighborhoods it serves. We provide excellent property management services with integrity and positive results to ensure that our clients are satisfied.

Reliable Sales Assistance

If you want to sell your Orinda residential property, we provide expert sales assistance by helping you find the right buyers. We also ensure that the potential buyer likes the property by conducting showings and advertising the sale on multiple digital platforms.

Network of Relocation and Insurance Companies

We help you find the right tenants for occupying your Orinda property by utilizing our network of relocation and insurance companies. Our relocation agents have also represented many large corporations and can ensure that your property finds the best tenants at a fair market value.

Start Working With Us

Every property owner’s requirements from their unit differ drastically. Stowers Real Estate can talk to you and discuss whether your property needs to be bought, sold or managed. Join us to diversify your property portfolio and execute your landlord or owner responsibilities without hassle.


Helen Reid
Helen Reid
Jody and the team at Stowers Property Management have been managing my property for the last couple of years. I could not be happier with the service and support they have provided. Jody is highly professional, he provides great advice and a balanced perspective on issues ranging from finding prospective tenants to upgrades and general maintenance of the property. The team is very responsive and always keeps me up to date on all matters related to my property. I would highly recommend Jody and his team for anyone looking for property management services.
Aakash Hariom Keswani
Aakash Hariom Keswani
We have been working with Jody and Stower’s Realty for 4 years now for renting/ managing our properties and the experience has been absolutely fantastic. From the start, they were responsive, organized, professional, and clearly acting as if the property were their very own. From selecting great tenants to looking out for repairs to keep the property in top condition, we’ve grown to trust Jody’s team and could not recommend them more highly!
Christine Musante
Christine Musante
We rented one of their properties for a year and Stowers were great property managers. Very responsive and professional.
Jeremy Rocha
Jeremy Rocha
The Stowers team has been Top Notch 👍🏼
Jennifer Smart
Jennifer Smart
We have had an amazing experience with Stowers Realty. and their property management services. Everyone at Stowers is fantastic to work with and extremely responsive!
Cynthia Murdough
Cynthia Murdough
Stowers has been instrumental in the seamless rental process and has consistently found exceptional tenants for us for many years. I highly recommend them!
Katherine Moran
Katherine Moran
Jody and his team were great to work with!
George High
George High
The people at Stowers have been a pleasure to work with over the last several years. High recommend!
Stowers is a great real estate mgt company in the east bay. They listen and take care of work orders in a timely fashion.
Beverly sadler
Beverly sadler
Jody has managed my property for four years. He treats the property as if it were his own. Since I do not live locally, I could not keep the property if I did not have him. He is responsive to both me and the renter and takes care of every detail with no effort on my part. He is the best.👏


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