Staging Your Danville House to Sell? A Guide on What You Should Know

Staging can be a useful part of marketing your home when you’re selling it. With proper staging, you can create a unique and inviting setting that will help potential buyers imagine living comfortably and happily in the home. You’ll be able to sell your home quickly, and perhaps even for more money when you have it properly staged.

If you’ve never staged your home before, consider working with an expert. You can also start with these tips that we’re sharing today.

Eliminate all Clutter and Personal Belongings

A well-staged home doesn’t look like your personal property; it looks like a showcase. You’ll have to remove all the piles of mail and correspondence you might have on the kitchen counters. Put away the treasured trinkets that are placed throughout the home. Take down the family photos. You don’t want to have piles of moving boxes stacked up against the wall.

A clean and empty home will look larger and be easier to stage. Start with a clean slate and remove everything of your own that you possibly can. Once you have all the clutter removed and the personal items put away, clean every part of the house. Hire professionals to do a good, deep clean that leaves the place sparkling.

Pay Attention to Lighting

The home has to be well-lit and bright in order to create the right sort of space. Open all the windows to let the natural light in. Make sure you’re working with attractive lighting. If your ceiling fans are caked with dust, clean them. If the lampshades are stained or torn, remove them. Pay attention to the exterior lighting as well, in case you have potential buyers visiting in the early evening or when it’s overcast. You want a well-lit front of the house, and a lot of visibility from the driveway or the street to the front door.

Furniture and Staging

If you’re still living in the Danville property, figure out how much furniture you actually need to continue residing there comfortably. You’ll need a bed in every bedroom and a sofa in the living room, but too much furniture will make the home look smaller. Take out the accent tables and the extra bookcases that are not absolutely essential. You also want to be sure your furniture is in good shape and attractive.

If you’ve already moved out of the home or it’s empty, rent a few key pieces of furniture to use when you’re staging the home. Position all of the items away from the walls and strategically place them to maximize the space.

Attention to Detail

Attention to DetailOnce the house is staged and the furniture is in place, think about the small details that will really help sell your home. Fresh flowers arranged in vases will be appealing. A bowl of fruit as a centerpiece in the kitchen will look nice. Fold and fluff towels and hide some air fresheners that will keep the place smelling warm and inviting. Take care of trimming the weeds in front of the house. Lay out a new welcome mat and polish the door knob. These little things will make a big difference.

If you need any help staging your home before you sell it, we have some additional tools and resources that may help you. Please contact us at Stowers Real Estate, and we’ll help you sell your home quickly.