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With stocks, bonds and many other investment opportunities available, why is property a smart choice?
When you’re ready to start investing, there are a plethora of investment opportunities available to you. However, at Stowers Real Estate, we think that investing in property is one of the smartest decisions you can make, and in our last blog, we went over a few of the benefits associated with it, including tax deductions, the ability to secure financing and a high return on investment (ROI). Today, our property manager in Concord will be going over a few more benefits of investing in property:

#4. It’ll be easier to weather rising inflation.
Rising inflation is a reality, but luckily, it’s much easier to withstand when you invest in property than almost any other investment. That’s because you can lock in your interest rate when rates are low. When inflation rises, you can also raise the rent you are charging for the property. The one downside of inflation is that it can diminish the value of your investment, but you can always hold onto the property until the market is better for sales.

#5. Property investments are more in your control.
When you invest in stocks, the most control over the situation you have is which stock to invest in, but beyond that, the fate of your investment is completely up to the market and out of your hands. Investing in property is different. While the market can certainly impact your investment, you have much more control over your fate. You decide which property to invest in. You decide how much the rent is. You decide when it’s time to sell your rental property. You decide who you want to rent to. The ability to make all of these decisions makes investing in real estate less volatile and more in your control than other investment opportunities.

#6. Investing in a property can help to prepare you for retirement.
Americans are notoriously bad at saving, and when you combine that with the fact that it is not uncommon to see people living well into their 80s and 90s, it sets up many people for failure where retirement is concerned. Investing in property is a long-term investment that can help you prepare for your retirement. Not only will you enjoy the return on your investment every month in the rent you collect, but that rent can also go towards paying off the mortgage on the property. The longer you collect rent and use it the pay the mortgage, the more equity you’ll gain in the home, and the more money you’ll get out of it when it comes time to sell it.

Property is ideal for first-time investors.
Property can be a great investment opportunity for all investors, but its low volatility, high ROI and financing ease make it especially ideal for first-time investors. You don’t have to be a stock-market whiz to invest in property, and Stowers Real Estate can help you with your investment every step of the way, from finding the ideal property to managing it for you. Visit us online today to learn more.

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