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Inexpensive Upgrades That Will Attract More Renters Part 2
There are many inexpensive upgrades you can make to attract the right kind of renters to your property.
Generally, there are two different kinds of tenants: tenants who pay the rent on time and in full every month without issue, and tenants who have to be tracked down on a monthly basis. Finding the kind of tenants you can depend on can be a struggle for every landlord, and while hiring the right property manager in Danville can certainly help, making a few upgrades to your rental property can also help to attract the right kind of tenants. And, luckily, there’s no reason to spend an arm and a leg to attract those kinds of tenants. In our previous blog, we went over a few inexpensive upgrades that can help to attract the right renters. Keep reading to learn more.

#5. Add more storage.
People need space to store their belongings, and they want their homes to be comfortable, not overly cluttered. Many homes don’t have a lot of storage space — particularly older homes. The best tenants don’t always want to pay for a storage unit, so having enough space for storage in your home is key. One super easy way to add storage to your home is to put set up a shed in the backyard. Otherwise, take steps to utilize your space to the maximum by installing lots of shelves and hooks.

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#6. Enhance your bathroom(s).
Next to the kitchen, the other room that can make or break a rental agreement with the right tenant is the bathroom. And, the good news is that you don’t have to do a major remodel to make your bathrooms a lot more attractive to tenants. Even simple upgrades, like a new toilet seat or sink fixture, can create a whole new feel in your bathroom. If the floor in the bathroom is old, stained or dingy looking, consider replacing it with easy-to-install, low-cost vinyl. It can typically be installed right over your existing floor! Also, consider professional tile and grout cleaning to make your shower look like new.

#7. Spruce up your landscape. 
Your home’s landscape is the very first thing potential tenants see when they come to your property, which means that it’s first impression they will have of your home. If your lawn looks neglected or diseased, or if you have let weeds take over your lawn, some tenants may not even take the time to go inside your home. Make it a point to take care of your landscape. If you don’t want a lot of upkeep but you still want to make a great first impression, try adding hardscapes to your lawn, or add more native plants that don’t require as much watering or maintenance.

There are many upgrades that can make your home more attractive to the right kind of renters, but not all upgrades are made equal. Get the most bang for your buck by taking advantage of the inexpensive upgrades we’ve covered in our blog series. And, if you’re ready to work with our team of professional property managers in Danville, give us a call today!

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